Girls with Sushi Craze-Code Word: KATAK

12 Aug
Shirlene and I always gone crazy with sushi, especially with KATAK. Everytime if we wanna hang out together, we sms-ed each other with code word: KATAK. Then we know where to go for catch up. So, what’s so special si KATAK ni?

Well, the Hana-Maki is the key to my addiction towards KATAK. When comes to pricing, it’s still affordable for both of us too. We could order through the computer placed to our table for convenience as well. Then, we could hang out again via shopping around after a session with KATAK.

Moreover, KATAK could be found anywhere in Klang Valley. The number of branches made our hang spot easy to decide. For us, fast, affordable and convenience to be at are part of the reasons for us to choose KATAK as one of our favorite hang out spot.

As a frequent customer herself, Shirlene never fail to get us more value for our meal with vouchers like this. Seriously, I also wonder how she managed to get all these vouchers. Maybe she’s part of the shareholders for KATAK, I supposed.

Next round, again Shirlene.

Code Word: KATAK!

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