Blogging At Home + Dominos Day

It was another hot afternoon where lots of my posts have not been posted. When I looked at the pictures folders that I kept in my laptop, I nearly get a nose bleed. It’s not the typical reaction that most people get when they have too much of outstanding work to do. Not that I am reading or watching PORN like few perverts I knew that they got a nose bleed after that. For my case, the weather is just too hot and I lack of H2O, so chill, yea?!

Uploading,editing and selecting are part of the routine for me before posting a blog of my own. I treated my blog as part of my online diaries like most people do in the blog sphere. If I was given a chance to attend few cool events, I would also blog about it too. It’s more like a hobby to me. I found the passion in blogging back in year 2007 where I wrote my 1st blog about my hometown, i.e. Sabah.

As a KadazanDusun girl staying in PJ for about a decade now, once in a while I do misses my home back in KK. Sometimes, I really really wanted to drop everything I have here and flew back to KK without turning back. Well, again that’s a selfish thing to do. Friends that I made along the way here do help me to get used to live here. Special person in my life do a part to guide me through my homesickness along the years, too.

Hungry. Hot weather and lazy to move my butt up! I’ve decided to order online for my Dominos Pizza. In fact that, it only takes 5 mins drive to the nearest Dominos outlet, but again lazy bones do not wish to move around this time. Alas! Oh well, time to pick my selection of the day.

This time I’ve ordered Chicken Wings and Aloha Pizza!

After had a quick nom nom time with Dominos, I continued to write more. Blogging has been my way to get out of routine life once in a while. Blogging made me feel liberal as no one is controlling what you wanted to say or write. It’s such a therapy for me to express myself through writing.

It’s fun to read others’ blog as well as their writing style also do have the value that I could learn from. Some says blogging is about writing crap online. Well, they are bloggers are like that. But again, all of us do have our own style in writing when comes to capture the readers’ attention. Sometimes, dropping hate comments is not a permanent way for certain cowards to get fame.

Back to the writing, my style is more on the posting what’s going on in my journey of life. I am sharing it with people out there. Those who don’t like it, there’s always a choice for you guys. Walk away. The world is shitty enough, why make it more shittier? Haters. Jealous people. People that ‘selalu tak puas’ for no reasons. There are such people in this world. Everywhere. We can’t stop them, can we? To ignore them, of course we can.

Happy blogging, bloggers!


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