An Amateur Batik Artist for a Day

I am not good at all in arts. Back to school till now, I think friends and family knew that I am not really a big fan of arts drawing. But I don’t mind enjoying arts created from other talented artists.

It was a sunny day afternoon where I decided to join Evelyn and the others for a day as a Batik Artist. This is the day where I will create my own masterpiece that nobody can’t say anything about it, even if it’s a plain ugly batik that I am creating!

The place is so peaceful and it’s a perfect place for creation of arts. I choose to draw a tiger this time. I shall named him Spotty Tiger as you can see it later, it’s not really that perfect if compared with the real one. Of course, it’s made by me, the masterpiece created by the master, a.k.a me!

After choosing the picture of my choice, it’s time to wax it. Reason being to prevent the color flow out from the lines during the color filling process. Hand movement has be to fast as possible as the wax gets dried up pretty quickly. Do not worry about the lines or the wax dropped on the other spot of the surface as the staffs are there to assist you, or should I say RESCUE your art.

It’s fun to do it with a group of friends as this is the time for bonding as well. It’s always a perfect to make new friends along the way too. But be nice, don’t criticize others’ art at this point of time of you’ll get burnt! Warning to you upfront,yea!

Relax and enjoy the process, that’s my advice. Don’t worry about the outcome of the batik in the end.

The Location:


30, Jalan Inai, Off Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel : (60)3 – 2145 1133
Fax : (60)3 – 2141 0179

Click on the map for directions

Feel free to join our Batik Tweet Up.
For more info, click HERE

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