Belinda Chee, OSIM’s First Local Ukimono Ambassador

May we present you OSIM’s 1st local ambassador that will also joining other international celebrities such as Lin Chi Ling and S.H.E ; Belinda Chee. The media event was held on 4th August 2010 at YUZU, The Gardens. There was around 40 guests such as Advertlets bloggers and other media attended the event. Apart from lucky draw and refreshments after the event, we did have the chance to try on the product itself too.

As you can see here, Ukimono is not that hard to use. You could learn how to use within seconds. Even a anti-tech/gadget like me, love to use it. Though, I am so tempted to bring it home with me!

Well, that’s how’s my face turned to when Ukimono started to drill my long hard fat at my bulgy tummy!

Ok… Back to the event…

OSIM’s Marketing Manager, Mr. Gary Gan says that Belinda Chee’s endorsement underscores OSIM’s commitment to provide innovative health and lifestyle products that can be enjoyed by all Malaysians, anytime, anywhere despite of the hectic schedules of their daily routine.

What about her? Belinda Chee

At young age, she grew up in Kuching and it is natural for to perform on stage since young. She is up for anything and when she was 8 years old, swimming is her new passion. Once she’s hooked with it, 8 years she competed in numerous swimming competition representing Sarawak and Malaysia. After that, she retired from competition to focus on the studies.

Even she doubted whether she has developed herself into a better performer at younger age, it doesn’t stop her to be a great entertainer/artist in the Malaysian entertainment scene. With no turning back in swimming arena during most of her childhood, she proved herself that she still could achieve her dreams after obtained her Degree in Media and Communications.

As a starter, Belinda hosted several shows on Astro’s Hitz.TV as 8TV Quickie. From emcee corporate events, product launches, fashion shows; Belinda grew her talents further by venturing into Film and TV Acting. She is also doing voiceovers for radio and TV ads other than being a member of the Voice Guild.

Belinda Chee also wanted to break into Chinese market as an actress; she up for the challenge by brushing up on her Mandarin even she never studied Chinese since young. Currently, she is shooting 2 Mandarin series for 8TV. One of it Belinda is the female lead for Goodnight DJ, Season 2. It’s a supernatural series based on people working at a radio station. The other is one of the biggest local productions of the year, A Time To Embrace. It’s a series based in the 50s, about Malaya’s booming movie industry and she’s playing as a supporting lead role. She also acted with Nicholas Teo in Love in Seoul that also attracted lots of audience on TV.


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