13th RWMF 9th July 2010 – Part II

Woke up and had my breakfast at the resort perked me up to get ready for the press conference that started at 11am. It’s an opportunity to meet the performers up close and personal. They are very friendly and approachable. Well, except the Russians. They are quite arrogant towards the media.

There it is! The wristband that going to be in 3 different colors for 3 different days. It’s waterproof and very strong as in it’s not made by paper. It made by plastics, I would say a good quality of plastic material.

Up close view of the wristband

While waiting for the press conference to start, I’m taking the overall view of the room with the banner too. All media are ready to rock their questions to the performers on that night. There will be from Peru, Iran, Bulgaria, Russians and the French too.

After the press conference, I went to Sarawak Culture Village to see closer on what to expect that night. I could see the stage is ready to rock with the mud as well. Well, that’s what rainforest is all about, i.e. Mud Party!!

In the afternoon, several workshops held at different time and the same time. I choose to attend the flute workshop. As a flute player myself during high school band back in decades ago, I find the instrument is a fascinating one which produces the most wonderful music of all. In this workshop, all of us get to learn the other flute type of instruments that came from different countries with their unique cultural elements that amazed me a lot.

Not to forget, the great flute experts from different regions of the world. Here with me is the great performer from India, Layatharanga and Watussi,Australia.

Check out their performance below:


Lastly the group photo includes all the great flute experts from all around the world

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