Rainforest World Music Festival, Kuching – Part I

Excited to go Kuching for the world 25th most happening event in the world, i.e. Rainforest World Music Festival. Packed my bag the night before and get to the KL Sentral for boarding. While waiting for others to come, did took few snapshots before heading off using ERL, KLIA Express.

While on the journey to KLIA, I took few pictures with my new baby.


Tickets. Don’t forget!


It’s very comfortable & memorable journey


Twittering & Checking my emails

Once we arrived KLIA, the place is not that crowded. It seems that the morning flight to the destination is a better option if you wanna enjoy your holidays. It has been a while since I came here before heading to my hometown. The place is getting better each year, I guess.

When the World Cup fever is still on, you can see the decoration that interest you and caught the attention. I have a good feeling whenever I come here. It’s like a platform for me to go another part of the world other than my current home. Excited to leave and but sad to arrive back here as it’s time for me to go back to the reality, again.

While on the plane….

Here I am. Looked exhausted as I didn’t get much sleep the night before. I got the comfortable seat as I’m sitting next to the emergency door. It’s wider and also be the first one to go if there’s in case of an emergency.

Aren’t the view from top is so lovely. It gave me the impression that the world is so beyond and unreachable instead being too small. Serenity and harmonious view of clouds make me wonder how is it feels like to swim among it. Silly me. Guess i am day dreaming on top of the clouds up in the sky.

Yes! Food time!

Not to forget the Ferrero Rocher!

These magazines keep me up if I’m bored! Thanked God it’s only an 1-hour 45 mins flight!

I think this one looks like Mickey Mouse! Don’t you think so?

After touched down…

We are on the way to Santubong Kuching Resort. It took around 45 mins from Kuching Airport to reach there. The journey did showed us quite interesting view by the roadside. One of them is the beautiful scenery with a mountain view I took from the car.

This shot was taken from the main entrance of the resort. The infinity pool that facing the sea view really a great place for me to relax and enjoy the view. The weather is clear complete with the blue sea and windy afternoon.

The room is so spacious compared to the hotels in West Malaysia and it’s very well maintained too. It’s complete with bath tub which is perfect for me as I love soak in hot tub for a relaxing moment. Room service is much better and friendlier than KL hotels. Maybe people here in the East Malaysia are friendlier than people I know in the West Malaysia in nature.

I am indeed enjoying every moment while in the hotel which including standing at the balcony.

While waiting for the Media activity later at night, I’m checking my emails and Twittering in between. It seems that DiGi line very sucky when I’m trying to access it here, in Santubong. Rural area, I guess? Damn! DiGi, your yellowman SESAT and can’t find me is it?!!! Time to bulk up coz the BLUEMAN is much more stronger over this territory!

Later at night…

While waiting for the RWMF Launching ceremony & welcome dinner for media to start, I am sneaking around here at Little Lebanon to get snapshot of the place. It’s located at Sarawak Tourism Complex. I am so tempted to smoke shisha but before I even want to order, we are called to proceed to the hall for the ceremony.

Here I am taking a picture with Mr. Benedict Jimbau, the Project Director for RWMF committee.

During the ceremony…

Dato’ Rashid Khan, Chairman of Steering Committee

Datuk Pattingi Tan Sri Dr. George Chan Hong Nam

It was a pleasure that for STB (Sarawal Tourism Board) to present to all the 13th RWMF. The festival has grown for 13 years. This festival indeed captured the hearts of many especially the world class music lovers and performers. RWMF currently a house-hold brand in Malaysia and it’s the world one of the top 25 most happening world music event in the world.

This year, the line up of performers is very impressive and represented by groups of music professionals from all continents. Each bringing to us their rich musical heritage and ready to share with us together with the rest of the world.

The line up of performers includes:

Reelroad’b from Russia

Minuit Guibolles from France

Bisserov Sisters from Bulgaria

Shanbehzadeh Ensemble from Iran

Leila Negrau from Reunion Island
and many more

The opening ceremony…..

The slide show for performers introduction

And of course, I’m taking the opportunity to take pictures with 2 friendly Sarawakian with their beautiful traditional costumes.

During Welcome Dinner, a great performance from one of the RWMF performer, Galandun Galundaina from Portugal. Trust me! There are super good!

Dinner time!

Stay tuned for RWMF posts PART II very soon…

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