Paradise Vacation at Redang – Part II

6 Jul
I would like the pictures to do the talking this time. Shall We?

Firstly, the early morning sunrise view from the Redang Island, Redang Bay Resort.

It’s breakfast time. Nasi Lemak and porridge. The porridge is damn good. It’s actually with chicken stock! I took 2 bowls of porridge that morning.

After breakfast, it’s snorkeling time. I took pictures from the lifeguard, Ah Seng as he managed to take a better view with his water-proof camera.
The corals! Aren’t they beautiful?!

Before the afternoon snorkeling session, we took few group snapshots before we hit the sea!

Let’s enjoy and see the candid action by these people. These heroes are ready to rock the sea.
While waiting for our turn to go up the boat, I’m enjoying the sun and the clear blue water.
Here we are again! Under the sea…

Not to forget, we took pictures under the water too!

Yea! Rock on!

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