Kashmir Cafe Food Adventure with PDSM 16 Gang

That was Saturday evening. It was after 3 hours exam and non-stop writing plus brain torture for me. Just hope that the Mr. B could be a good grade on this. Seriously, he is one hell of a bloodsucker as*hole bast*rd that manipulated his students for his own benefit. One more module, folks and I will never see his bloody face anymore!

Enough bitching about the not-so Inglorious bast-ass, my hand is numb after trapped in an air-con room with non-stop writing for 3 hours. Managed to drag all the gang to go to the same place I go every time my head is exploding, i.e. Kashmir Cafe, where food is the best remedy to your misery.

Kenneth wore this to exam that afternoon and I think it’s hilarious. So which are you, babe? I gave JS the jelingan maut to make sure he answered it right. Or else, somebody gonna get a very bad day. Wuhahahah!

Of course, the first thing I must order is the Mango Lassi. I drank 2 glasses when I first came here for the food review with the other bloggers. I poisoned others too to order the same thing. Guess what, I might just organized a drinking competition with Mag to see who get brain-freeze first and could survive till to the last sip.

Let the race begins…

Before we started our dinner, we ordered these as starter. It was quite weird to order dessert as starter. We don’t care because we wanna taste the great sweetness from the kuih Wajik.

When the leaf arrived and served with the necessary dishes for the banana leaf rice, we all started to dine the exquisite food in front of us. That means less talk and more eating. Silence was the only thing that time. Guess everybody is hungry and focus on the food instead.

JS in a total shock of silence? The food and the curry too good?

The closer view of the side dishes that could raise your appetite. If you do not wish to have heavy taste with the curry, you can always replace the curry with these and pour it on the rice instead.

Papadom, this is the ultimate dish that can’t be miss in any banana leaf meal.

We also ordered something else as side dishes.

This is known to be the K.F.C. It’s not the normal term that you get from the Colonel Sandler. It’s known as the Kashmir Fried Chicken. It’s a MUST try every time when you come here for a meal. It’s tender and it has the crunchy feeling every time you munch on it.

Not to forget the mutton curry. The flavour from the spices make it’s very addictive and you just can’t stop eating it. Try it! At your own risk, of course.

Till next time, folks.
May I present you, PDSM 16 gang. That’s our mirror-reflected group taking photo.

Food :8/10
Ambiance : 6/10
Service : 8/10


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