June. My Birthday month with a humble celebration

Decided to have a dinner at TGIF, The Curve on weekday. It’s actually on my birthday eve. No big splurge this year and going for a simple humble one, only with dearest & nearest. We were welcomed with warmth by the waitress and quite happy with the service too. As usual service with detailed attention and still not too pretentious.

The meal is started off with the Clam Chowder soup. It’s always my favorite soup whenever I came here for dinner. It’s creamy and still have the great taste with the spices too. Very appetizing and you can’t stop eating. I always wants for more.

JS ordered this for his main course meal. Darn! Forgot about the name of the dish. Let me see, there is rice and kebab. A little touch of vegetables and lots of tomatoes too. I would say this is a great choice for a light meal for dinner.

I myself enjoying my Cajun Spicy Shrimp pasta and I requested for Fettuccine for the pasta choice this time. Not too rich on the creamy sauce and the prawns are very fresh. Worth trying if you are a pasta lover.

Not to forget the Triple Play for the side dishes. I really struggled a little bit to finish this. It’s very tasty and addictive, but again it’s kinda big portion for a starter meal.

Of course, the Vodka + Cranberry drink. It’s so much a light refreshing drinks and yet not to overwhelming as you will go home sober tonight. No roadblock will stop you from going home because your alcohol still at optimum.

I also busy Twittering and Facebook-ing at the same time too. Checking my emails as well to keep up to date with the changes. But again, not taking too much of the dinner time as it’s my birthday celebration anyway.

While waiting to finish my drinks, I just still typing my BB for latest updates on the internet. So called, BB addict!

Lastly, a quick blow to the candles and supper with closet friends to end my night. My humble birthday celebration. Nothing fancy this year. Just a celebration with serenity without meaningless splurging.

Till next time, folks.


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