Paradise Vacation at Redang – Part 1

By end of May, JS and I went for a short trip with friends to Redang Island. At least it’s still a vacation on the schedule since the team building plan is canceled last minute. What a turn off, anyway! Managed to book everything on time and we took the night bus.It was a damn uncomfortable experience for me as the seats are too narrow for long legged and big butt girl like me! Next time I gonna get a flight instead and stay away from the 8 hours bus ride.

Before I head to the dreamland, I took few snapshots with JS. No makeup is the rule to go vacation this time. Totally a bump and I wanted to have as comfortable trip ever. So, no touch-ups required. Take it or leave it if you think I looked like corpse.

I should have knock my head off so that I could go to the deep sleep during the journey. Turned out I’ve been tossing and turning almost half of the time. Oh great! Depriving for a long comfortable bed so that I could spread my legs and SLEEP!

p/s: Simon placed bet and asked all of us to place ours on what time we will reach KT.
Some says, some say 8a.m….
The furthest one loses and the punishment: BELANJA the rest breakfast!

After 8hour-bus ride…..

Finally we reached here. Say, around 6-ish, definitely before 7a.m. Obviously, JS and I lost the bet and going to “belanja” breakfast~! The toilet was the first thing I’m hunting for. Thanked God it’s clean enough to be used by a human being. Redang Bay Resort bus was there waiting for us. The driver gave us ample time to munch for a quick breakfast before we head to jetty for another an hour boat ride to island.

We arrived at a small stalls with lots of choices of food. We were immediately being welcomed by the locals who seems very fast to take our orders. You don’t see that everyday in KL or PJ. JS and I decided to order Prawn Mee and Milo Ice. Something light and hot soupy breakfast for a start.

When I saw this ancient parking ticket pole, I quickly grab JS to take one picture with this thing. I always prefer this one compared to the new one in PJ and KL. They sometimes “swallowed” my coins and refused to “vomit” it out. What a greedy bastards! New invention sometimes could be a bitch! Yea, DBKL/MBPJ; I’m bitching about your new useless machines.

While waiting for the boat ride at the jetty, this picture was took by Eileen. I realized I looked like JS. This what happened when a couple being together for long time. Eventually both will look quite similar.

I was patrolling around for interesting stuff to buy around the market by the jetty. I realized that I do not bring any hat with me. When I saw this, I totally fell in love with it. I finally bought the white one after being in the dilemma whether to choose the pink one or the white one. Happy with the decision at last.

While on the boat, we still managed to take few pictures though the boat keep jumping up and down as if we are going to fly like SUPERMAN! It was a bumpy ride and poor JS, he has to bear with the bumpy feeling as he was sitting on a metal bar instead of a wooden seats in the boat.

When I saw this, I was extremely excited and relaxed as we are very near to the destination. Just behind this big rock, we will reach Redang Island, the paradise where everybody can enjoy the beautiful wonders that will take our breath away.

When we arrived I saw this vehicle. It’s a modified vehicle with a carriage behind it. So that tourists with lots of luggage don’t have to carry all the way to reach the resort. Well, for me I rather sit on it with my lesser luggage and enjoy the ride.

WAIT….I’m coming! Wait for me! Let me be on it!

Ah.. Don’t you love the scenery here, right now. I’ve forgotten all my stress and bad days from the city behind me. It’s time to switch to my holiday mode and relax. All the way till the end of the vacation.

Jumping as high as I could to express my excitement for this vacation. I really needs it. JS needs it more than me. So do the rest of us in the group. Can’t wait to fill up my activities with lots of exciting adventures and of course, picture taking sessions.

This is us. The room that we slept in for the next 3 days. Compared to other room, our door is the most specially designed and decorated. Jangan jealous! This room is only catered for Manchester United fans only.

Wee! Jump! Jump! Let me see you Jump as high as you can!

We took pictures to test the clarity of the sea water. We tested it with our shadows. Love this picture so much.

Walking around the beach side to enjoy the breeze and the sand. The white clean sand gave the easy feeling while walking on it. It quite a perfect choice for a mild massage for your feet. Comfortable and not too hot. Eventually when we walked too long and the sun getting higher, we walked back to the resort as the sand is getting much hotter than before.

We bought iced blended juice so soothe our hot body. It’s a really a tantalizing moment for us to enjoy the view.

Managed to get myself a temporary tattoo that only last for 2 weeks. Painless and fast. It’s advisable to let dry for a while before you hit the water. Make sure the body is not sweaty or else the ink will fade away fast.

After tattoo session, JS and I hang out again at the beach side while waiting for dinner time. Bought a can of Heneiken Beer and enjoy it at the beach. It’s a totally a heavenly experience for me. I don’t get to do this often back in the city life.

Dinner time is here and noom noom time. The meal is mainly a buffet style and it’s a BBQ! Enjoying it as I’m hungry after a snorkeling and walking by the beach under the sun.

Till next time,folks!

Stay tuned for PART II and III.

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