Wanna Play @ XPlay? Sure I do!!

1 Jul
Justify FullI would like to thank Advertlets for the passes that night @ Opera, Sunway Pyramid. Other than the great performance from famous DJ and celebrity, free flow of drinks is part of the package too! After getting ready for the party after my Saturday class, I’m off to Opera!

The layout was superb and it’s purple all over the place. The crowd were cool people too. The response was great and they don’t mind to pay RM30 and above for the Celcom Xpax Prepaid to get into the club for party. It’s a well worth of your time to hang out at this party. Lots of bloggers can’t come because the next day is Fathers’ Day. Sigh… If not, we’ll be party even harder

Poor teddy! This pose reminded Portugal has fallen and never be back again in World Cup. Not the next 4 years. Tumbang lar Si Portugal! That’s the end of the glory day of Portugal’s team! Talk about going down, my favorite team Italy also follow suit. well, it’s time to restructure the team. Time to get young people into the team.

Yupe! I had great time and better view at 1st floor itself.

Lap Sap is the reason I came for this party event. DJ Yasmine and DJ Jessica from Indonesia also rock the place with the hot looks and their superb mixing skills. They really could made adult man CRIES~. It’s my first to see hot chicks in action too. So, Who says that hot chicks can’t spin? DJ Yasmine & DJ Jessica could!!!

Meeting up with the cool bloggers from Advertlets too. They are…

Jason Ong, cool photographer too. Ladies, he’s single. Cepat cepat! Call him!

Josh Lim. Siapa tak kenal?

Smokey hot Hanie. So hot until the photo get smoked up!

Up close and personal with DJ Yasmine and DJ Jessica. All the way from Indonesia to rock Malaysia people! Woots!

I’m so freaking shocked when Utt walking around at 1st floor after MC-ing during the event. He’s so humble and down to earth. Funny fun loving guy too. Thanks Utt!

Save the best for last. LAP SAP! I don’t care if people say you looked like one. That messy hairdo is perfectly fine with me. You go Lap Sap!

Till next time, folks.

Stay tuned with my detailed review on the food from Friendscino Cafe, Damansara Perdana.

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