Food Review with Advertlets @ Friendscino, Damansara Perdana

It’s a great way to end my Friday weekday workday with an activity that lighten up my life. As I always mention, my life only started after work. Indeed I met new people each week and it’s a refreshing experience for me. Bloggers and Twitter peeps gathered together to form a community that created a positive vibe in my life. Life balance I would say, it’s very important to keep you going. Otherwise, I will stuck in a rut and burnout in no time.

Thank you Advertlets for the invitation. It’s an fun experience to get to know new place and new people. The environment I would say is very suitable for you to chill out with your friends with couple of drinks and light meal. Seriously, the quality of the food, so far OK . Few of them didn’t managed to impress most of us as it’s quite disappointing. But I have to give 2 thumbs up for the cocktails. They are superb for customers to chill down with a nice drinks while enjoying the ambiance. But, food wise they need to bulk up, FAST! Otherwise, customers might be looking for other alternatives.

The drink of the day: Mojito. It’s light and refreshing. However there is still room for improvement, especially on the intensity of the taste. Perhaps it’s time to lessen the water and be generous with the alcohol, I would say.

I love this rack of bottled alcohol. How I wish I could bring this home with me! You can find tons of choices to choose from. Nevertheless, price wise it’s quite standard and few of them are quite pricey compared to places I went for drinks like these.

The deco is quite unique and interesting too. Luckily I wore red top to match the background I took here. Marilyn Monroe, it’s the chosen icon that filled up the wall behind me that attracted lots of attention, especially me.

But again, the whole ambiance is positive. Food quality need to bulk up as there is still room for improvement. Service is satisfactory as the waiters are very attentive too. The arrangement of the cutlery and glasses normal but the color matching the wall. It made the whole outlook very classy & relaxing too.

Till next time,folks!

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