FourSquare Meetup with Tune

23 Jun

First thing first. The Goodie bag! Love the red bag that given to us that day. The day where all bloggers and Foursquare peeps gathered up for the SWARM badge. In other words, it’s the flashmob for Foursquare. Minimum 50+ peeps to check in at the same venue, i.e. Tune which located at Kota Damansara.

This is the place and the building design is quite simple and yet modern. No fancy design on the building structure. Simple and I like it. Red and white, it’s a color combination that suits the name itself. If you are looking for 5 Star Hotel accomodation with the 1 Star price, Tune is the right choice for you,folks!
After we manged to check in and get our badge, we took few snapshot as a group. It’s fun to meet new people there and they are friendly too. I was quite nervous at first as I’m quite shy to approach them and to say “hi”! But they won’t bite either! It’s fun to get to know them!

After achieved 50++ check -ins, we gathered up outside for few snapshots and to decide where to go next! Oh yea, we headed to Bangkok Wasabi after that for a quick dinner. Thanks to Tune, we had great time catching up with the other bloggeres and make new friends too. My Twitter added many new contacts too! Updated on the spot.

Hey! That was me with the PEACE sign. People! I came with peace. Don’t be shy and do feel free to say to me in future,yea? Let’s share blog links with each other and get to know each other too.

Let me present you the badges that I’ve got for myself on FourSquare!

First and foremost, the SWARM BADGE!

And as a bonus, the Player Please badge. Unexpectedly though.

And of course, the content of the goodie bag I’ve got made my day too. RM50 voucher Spa Treatment

And of course, the RED Cap from Tune that gonna make me looked RED HOT!

Can’t wait to plan for a night stay at any Tune & feel the environment.

Ok folks, till next time…

I would like to thank the boys in HOT RED shirts too…

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