Food Review: Kashmir Cafes – Old Taste New Place

Masala Tosai

I was there at Kashmir Cafe with other bloggers to do a food review. It’s my first FR with the bloggers who were long established compared to me. It’s an honour to be sitting down a same table with bloggers like Marcus, Icednyior, Runningandrew, Sodapiink, Azri, Nigel,Lightyoruichi, FeeQ,

While Marcy trying to poison me with the DSLR talk, which I’ve “kena” big time, other bloggers busying taking a great snapshots of the food. The food looked good in the outside and taste good from the inside. As a Indian food lover since a kid, thanks to my mama, I’ve been always eager ti taste and look for new kind of Indian food. I love Banana Leaf and it’s much easier to go out with a guy who appreciates this food. Thanked God, my guy loves it! He’s a banana leaf junkie himself!

The first photo above this is the Masala Tosai. Guaranteed all your “masala” will be gone in just 1 bite. Ladies, if you have an heartache and that bastard Ex of your do not know how to appreciate Indian food like you do, let’s replace Hagen Daas with this. Economical and effectively gives you the relief from problems and desperation. Sound convincing, try! Jangan tak cuba!

Crab Resam
This resam only available on Friday and Sunday. It taste very much different than normal resam that I’ve been tasted from other place. The rich and strong smell of herbs triggered my taste bud and make me feel satisfied with it. Ladies out there, the smell is not unbearable. Not to worry, folks. It’s not as bad as you think.

If you wish to have a lighter taste for your meal, instead of daal or curry, you could use resam as your gravy on your rice. It’s light in taste and not too overwhelming. Trust me, I can’t stop eating my rice once I put on it with this and I’ve been asking for more rice after that. There goes my diet and thanks to the carbs. Who cares?! I don’t. Just for a day, though.

Briyani – Chicken

This is the main course of the day. It’s available in both Chicken and Mutton. I go for mutton, of course. I can’t stop eating but too bad, my tummy space is so limited. But again this is worth trying to have one if you come to Kashmir Cafe for your ultimate banana leaf experience. The mutton meat is so soft and rich in spices as it’s marinated long enough to taste it. It’s addictive if you are a mutton junkie.

Talk about the dessert, I would say it’s also available for us to taste. I love this one. Cheesecake from the east! Light in taste and not so overwhelmed with the cheese at all. It’s a great way to me go through sleepy afternoon during tea time! However, I’m not sure whether it will always available for you guys to test it.

Kuih wajik~
Don’t forget to taste this one too!
Manggo Lassi

This made me ordered TWICE. It’s so addictive and perfect for hot weather too. It served with a bigger glass and the taste is well blended with the crused ice in it. Folks, try this! It’s not too sweet or too sour at all. Just nice. Warning: It taste so good and you will drink so fast. Careful with that you will get brain freeze and go coo-coo!

~Thank you Marc_ky for the invitation and the great pictures too~

Till next time,folks. I’m organizing a small gathering with the PDSM at this place. Let them experienced what I’ve experienced too.

More pictures for you

Till next time, folks~

58, Jalan SS3/31,
Kelana Jaya,

Telephone: 03 – 7873 6622 or 03 – 7873 6622
Business Operating hours: Daily 7.00am till 10.00pm

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