Why Tokio Hotel so Famous?

I am pretty sure girls will go crazy and even gone mad if they ever meet a Tokio Hotel member. I attended their concert back then like 2 weeks ago at One Utama. I tried to look around the internet who are they and what it is all about? I have to admit, I am a bit too old for these. I am more of a KoRn fan, thanks to my guy with his years of influence. This what happened when he keep playing the song in the car with you in it, say for 3 years!

But again, there are reasons why they are so famous and still going strong till these days. Tokio Hotel is the best act ever from German in 20 years. Sad to say, lots of haters out there definitely gonna be disagree with me and called them bunch of faggots! Well, folks.. Time changed and fans have different taste throughout the year. Younger generations looking for different type of icon now if you compared to 20 years ago.

Been weeks I browsed through the internet and YouTube, I realized TH, i.e. Tokio Hotel has this mysterious attraction that keeping their fans stick with them through thick and thin. I observed and compiled it into 3 reasons why TH is so damn famous!

That’s Bill, FYI during Fashion Week

p/s: To the extend Karl Lagerfield so INTERESTED to take the Twins as his next MUSE? Wow!



Tokio Hotel in Malaysia!

But before I go the top 3 reasons why they are so famous, do allow me to talk about their visit here in Malaysia. They came here and performed at One Utama. They really rock the crowd and I could see how big their fan base here in Malaysia alone. Mostly young girls I would say.

They looked laid back and relaxed during the press conference.

This is a little intro about the band:
Tokio Hotel is a German Pop Rock Band founded in Magdeburg,Germany in 2001 by singer Bill Kaulitz, guitarist Tom Kaulitz drummer Gustav Schafer, (love to pronounce his out loud, like “GUSTAVVVV”) and bassist Georg Listing, i.e. interesting spelling for Georg without the “e”.The quartet have scored 4 number one singles and have released 3 number one albums in their native country, selling nearly 5 million CDs and DVDs there.

The twins started very young as young as 7 years old to perform in front of the audience. As you can see here, left is Tom and right side is Bill. That’s Bill without his make-up. I have to say, he got a great skills on the smokey eyes make up. It really impressed me how he can pull it off that well. As for Tom, the hairstyle “memang” like that since he was a kid. As a big fan of hip-hop music since young, his dressing style has becoming like this and evolved throughout the years.

Comelnya!!! Nak Cubit their face ‘gao-gao’!

After recording an unreleased demo-CD under the name “Devilish” and having their contract with Sony BMG Germany terminated. I have to say, SONY BMG GERMANY is a stupid ass bastard! I am pretty sure they are now REGRETTED for not having TOKIO HOTEL’s contract. TH boys are so talented and SONY BMG lost millions of $$$ for not having them in the 1st place. Bad judgment. Even artists in Malaysia also have problems with BMG. What’s with the management? Mata tak boleh pakai dan telinga tak mau dengar. They never faith with talented people! Padan muka, BMG!!! Look where are they now, BMG Germany!

Ok..cool babe..
Let’s continue….
Where am I? Oh yea..

The band released their first German-language album, Schrei (means SCREAM in German) as Tokio Hotel on Universal Music Germany (smart ass company!) in 2005. Schrei sold more than half a million copies worldwide and spawned four top 5 singles in both Germany and Austria.

In 2007, the band released their second German album Zimmer 483 and their first English album Scream which have combined album sales of over one million copies worldwide and helped win the band their first MTV Europe Music Award for Best InterAct. Tokio Hotel became the first German band ever to win an award at the MTV VMAs and also at the MTV Latin America Awards.That’s impressive and BMG Germany can suck their own dick!

For more info, do feel free to Wiki the boys,yea?
Don’t forget to download pictures of them too! Handsome giler!

In my opinion:

The 3 reason are:-

1.The Twins!

Just like the Olsen’s twins, it became a massive attraction for the public towards them. But compared to the Kaulitz twins, I still like the German twins lorrr…


More brutal! Now I have to agree with the girls, they are super-hot! Especially, TOM! (Right! Right! not left yea?

Where you can find a rock band with handsome twins like the TH where you can see both handsome and beautiful human being at the same time?

Aren’t they adorable??
Ok,which one is Tom? Which one is Bill?

Awww…so cute! Handsome awesome-ness in the making!
Now I can tell you, left is Tom, right side is Bill..

So identical with 2 different looks!
If you exchanged the identity, you too can’t tell!

2. They are GERMAN!!

German looks are very mysterious.

Bill, now

Younger, Tom

I can’t stop looking at them! Serious!
Damn! Their parents have good breed!

After watching this, it made me wanna learn GERMAN!! Wuhahahahha!

3. Talent

Massive improvements throughout the year. And BMG can suck their dick hard.

Let’s compare these 2 vids.

Same song, different language, same background but sing at different time.

Recorded in the early years


Recorded in the later years

I prefer the 2nd one!

That’s all folks, till next time.

Enjoy the vids


5 thoughts on “Why Tokio Hotel so Famous?

  1. nice! but i think they look better w/out make up! hahaha to girlish for my liking… ahahaha. sorry la i old skool rock! power hair, grunge look hahaha

  2. they are like BSB & westlife at German. their pics are everywhere even on shoes T_T eeeeeee! but their songs in german are much better than english version imho. cant believe they came to msia!

  3. Tom is so hawt. <3I dunno why but when I first saw them, I wondered if they were mixed asian. Bill gives off a Japanese glam punk rock feel. xDMmm…Tom. <3They both have very beautiful smiles. 🙂

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