Bounty Hunter Movie Review

I would like to thank Advertlets for the opportunity to watch the Special Screening for Bounty Hunter. Rebecca was very kind to let me and Junsern to attend this screening that was held on the 11th May 2010 at e@Curve, Kota Damansara. After a quick dinner at Sakae, we headed down to Funky Villa for gathered up with the other bloggers. Meet up with Dilla and her friends. She managed to finish up her assignment before she came in to join us. Heidi was there too and met a new blogger friend, Melvin. It’s great to meet you too!

Twittering on that night and of course ignoring my friends’ comments that saying it’s a obsessive updating maniac hobby. Well, wait till you have an account and get the hang of it. You will not stop twittering it when you know how powerful it is to spread the words around the world through your followers.

We are chilling at the Funky Villa and the music played were great. Until they played JB, Baby Moo Song! Arghh! Please. He need a new single now. Baby is growing up eh! Time flies very fast, babeee! Again, it’s a fun and relaxing to sit down here while enjoying the ambiance.

Now, movie talk!

What’s the movie about?

A bounty hunter Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler, yea! The hot guy from 300!) is excited that he will be assigned to track down his bail-skipping ex-wife Nicole Hurley (Jennifer Aniston). They hated each other and know each other very well. He even know when she is crying for real or just faking it. To that extend!

The reason Nicole skip court because she need to solve a case. She is the typical reporter that so committed to her work which also the other reason their divorce. Dating for 6 months and married for 9 months. That’s like, half of my FULL university degree course. Milo driving her crazy with his bad habit, i.e. Gambling. A detective who lost his job eventually because of this.

Things getting serious when someone tried to kill Nicole because she is getting to know the truth. Milo was dragged into it and still stubborn as his mission will only be accomplished once he managed to get Nicole back to jail. Then he will get $5,000! What a man! No wonder Nicole divorce.

What do I think?

The scenes and the storyline are pretty much predictable if you watched a lot of chick flick. It’s entertaining pretty much with the funny script from the couple.The ending is not so great. It’s predictable. But I still like the comedy scene and the punchline from Milo. I have learned 1 or 2 skills from Nicole on how to manipulate man according to your way. This is very useful! This shows women are not weak and macho man do falls into trap sometimes.

I will give 6/10

More reviews next time, folks..

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