CarCrashHearts Heneiken Green Space@ Milk, Bangsar

The event was held yesterday, i.e 8th May 2010 at Milk, Bangsar. Heneiken Green Space sponsored the party that hosted by Car Crash Hearts. I would like to thank Hanie, emcee for the night who gave me and Tania the opportunity to attend this event. She’s awesome that night too. Do check out their Car Crash Hearts upcoming single, “Just A Face In the Crowd”. Many young people attended this event filmed it to get the chance to appear in the music video. The indie karaoke competition is great too. Winner get a brand new electrical guitar! Jealous MAX!

Car Crash Hearts members are:
Collin Chin : Vocals and guitars
Aliff Zulkifli : Guitars
Alda Tan : Bass and Vocals.

p/s: There is an interesting mistake I did before I win the CD last night. I was super nervous and suddenly I’ve changed identity! Oh Holy crap! F*@king Embarrassing la weerrr! But again, who cares! I win a “Learning To Drive” CD!!!!!!

Yea, Tania! I know you are laughing right now and Hanie, please forgive my goofiness that totally…..embarrassing! ” Mem-per-sia-sui-kan”! MAXIMUM!!! Well, if this happened again, I would laugh myself and gracefully walked away with elegance. That won’t hurt, right?! People will eventually forget about it. Oh right! Better stop reminding the embarrassing moment that nobody cares! Well, they MUST ignore the incident! Thanked God not so many people came in yet while it happened. Phewwww!

Ah-ha! I love this polaroid! Should have asked the girl to shot another one for us. Luckily Tania generous enough to let me keep it. Thanked God! I seriously need a DSLR! FAST! As you can see the picture, I took it with my petty small Digicam that not really serve me right when I need it to take a good picture for me.

The vocalist from Car Crash Hearts with his rock pose! We are waiting for the song to be performed. It’s the “IT” song of the night. “Just a Face In The Crowd” and we can’t stop jumping while scream “Wo-oh! Wo-Oh!” After tonight, I am going to spin the CD all weeks! Sorry babe, you have to bear with me. Who knows? My hardcore KoRn Fan boyfriend might like this band too! If so, that means I am a powerful influence to him.

“Wo-oh! Wo-oh!”

Thanks Tania for coming with me! After Milk, we went to Sid’s@Bangsar South for another drinks. Yeap! No need to guess what I’m gonna order, yea?! Definitely Guinness! What else?! That’s all,folks! Till next time! There are tons of posts that I’m gonna let it out tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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