Work Day Blues cravings

Coffee is always my morning fuel to start up the engine. Tons of people told me that it’s not good for health and it could lead to addiction. Well, all I need to do is to take control of it and don’t let it overwhelmed. It’s not that I’m taking drugs people!

But again, as long I take my coffee not more than 2 cups per day. I think I will be fine and won’t ended up like a coffee crackhead walking around like zombie. After reading Coffee Detective, it even claimed coffee could helps to prevent your health being affected by serious disease. We are talking about adding pleasure into your life and less being so paranoid about life. Stress could activate the cancer cells you see.

So take a sip and enjoy life.

On the other hand…

I also having craving for this!

I am contradicting myself right now. This one should always be my choice when comes to stressed up mind that bogging my mind during work. At first, I don’t really like the taste of it. Not until I’ve visited Sid’s@ TTDI. I have to say, so far the place served the best Guinness here.

Health benefits. That thing has a benefit to your health??! Ok! Now I have a good reason to drink more, oh well perhaps within control. I need drive back home, OK! From this article I read online, Guinness is high in Iron. Even pregnant ladies could have a sip or 2. Now, they are talking my language.

Ok mum! Don’t stopped me drinking these thing. It’s totally fine.

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