New By Eucerin: AQUAporin Active 20 April 2010

Blog Event: Eucerin

I would like to thank Advertlets for the invitation to witness the great revolution of scientific skincare breakthrough by Eucerin: AQUAporin ACTIVE product launch that was held on 20th April 2010 at MARC Residence, Delicious Cafe.

The launch is about the new innovative range of moisturizers inspired by Nobel Prize-winning discovery. Hydration by moisturizers is essential for our skin to maintain healthy & look radiant.

Josh Lim was there too!

While waiting for the launch to start, I did few snapshots. My skills a bit off that day, so that the picture is totally blurred. Shaky hand I guess. Excited or just being nervous. The ambiance of the place is superb and the decoration is very classy. Food is great and it’s rare for me to taste it too.

A goodie bag is given to all of us and I was excited to see this. Definitely couldn’t resist to try it onto my skin and feel the wonder almost immediately. This time the range will be including the ACTIVE Light, ACTIVE SPF 15 + UVA and ACTIVE Eye.

The food, I have to say: “It’s good!” It’s mainly the finger food that perfect for function that held in the afternoon. Not too heavy nor too light either. Delicious cafe really served us tasty food that day. Check out the picture I took on the food, looks tasty.

About the deco, I really amazed as it’s really portray a classy function that not a lot of function I attended so far could ever achieved. The concept is practically in white, soft and feminine feeling that suits the product launch.

I love the cages that were also part of the decoration for the launch. The whole concept is mainly based on red and black. Even that day, our dress code has to be in black and red. Not to forget, to be feminine too.

While waiting, ladies could have free shoulder massage to relax ourselves too. Obviously, as you can see in the picture, I’m really enjoying the short session because I’m desperately need one. Worthwhile!

The launch started with a video presentation as this is to provide better understanding on the groundbreaking innovation by Eucerin. It’s all about Optimal Skin Hydration as nature is taken for the inspiration, i.e. Water. It is known to be the most abundant resources on Earth as it is consists of 75% of its surface.

Launch is done. May I present you the Advertlets bloggers!

Enough said of the facts, let me try on myself for the product review itself.

Product Review

I’ve tried it for 3 days before this as to test and try the product. Let’s start off with the AQUAporin ACTIVE Eye. This is designed for delicate eye area and could be use daily for both day & night use.

The moisturizing eye cream is perfect for ladies with sensitive skin, like me! The texture is light and smooth. Not heavy at all as this would not create uncomfortable sticky feeling even it is used through the whole day.

The moisturizer is easily absorbed into the skin within seconds after applying it. For better results, I would suggest to gently massage it in circular motion to improve the absorption of the product for better results.


It’s for day usage only. It’s combination usage as sunblock and as makeup base too. Fast absorption after circular massage motion onto the skin. However, minimal amount is sufficient as putting on too much could leave very heavy sticky feeling that might clogged the pores.


AQUAporin ACTIVE Light
This is a lightweight moisturizer which is for normal to combination skin. It’s designed to lock the moisture during night usage. I still prefer this for my makeup base however it do not have the sun protection feature if I wanted to use it for day use.

Love it! Love it! Love it and will continue to use it till to the last squeeze of this product!


3 thoughts on “New By Eucerin: AQUAporin Active 20 April 2010

  1. There is a 2nd wave to this campaign. Please join Eucerin this coming Saturday (2nd Oct) from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Sunway Pyramid Orange Zone Concourse Area to witness the 100 pax Moisture Challenge. Join us yea 😉

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