Vegetarian Night! Just a meal only!

I’m not really a big fan for vegetarian food. Thanks to my guy, he’s turning into a avid veggie fella! Damn! I was tagged along, for no reason! Darn! Don’t want veggie, I want meat. We went to PJ State to try this vegetarian restaurant. When we walked in, we are the only 2 fair-skinned fellas in the place. Well, if you wanna try a real vegetarian food, we need to go all the way. If you know what I mean. If you don’t, never mind.

There it is! Naan and other stuff! This is what I called them when I was born to love meat instead of veggie food, yeah! Stuff! Well, at least the gravy did make me feel that it’s a normal food. Not much of a green stuff over there, I guess.

The only part that I am in love in are the desserts! Damn! It’s good! Sweet enough and I can’t stop eating it! Who cares of my blood sugar level! I have valid reason, I’m a low BP girl! Yeap! Damn right! And I have the license to eat till my BP goes up to the “optimum” level. Well, to the level that I won’t faint to the ground.

Masala Tea! Spices inside the tea. That’s a great way to end my dinner. While my guy is figuring out what to eat next. I’ll conclude this post with a sentence: Never try, Never know.

What’s next?

Err..oh yea dim sum…

Maybe next time,folks!

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