Girls Just wanna Have Fun after Work…

After work, got an invitation to club, I was like, what the heck?! Just go! Who cares?! It’s Friday, anyway. So, after work, I went back and go through a hell-hole of KL traffic. Apparently, God at my side that day. It only took me 45 minutes to reach my home and get ready for another round to KL. Complete madness, but it’s fun to do it once in a while.

This round, I am really rushing. Yeap, which normally I don’t rush to go to club. I am really take my own sweet time, usually. Again, my guy came to rescue. He picked me up and get a quick dinner at drive-through at MacD before headed to KL, again. Thank you, my dear! You made my day and it’s quite comforting to see him that day again.

This time, about my make-up, it’s GREEN time! Inspired by the song :GREEN Light: by Beyonce! Totally skipped my liquid eyeliner and dabbed on lots of GREEN eyeshadow. The night is the debut night for my green contacts for public view.

Let’s start partying,shall we? Took few snapshots and keep my camera in the bag and enjoy! Not much of camwhoring this time. My main agenda of the night is to have fun.

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Before I head home, this is the shadow snap I took before I could even stand straight towards my guy’s car! Damn! What a night…


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