Exploring Food at Marche, The Curve

Mashed potato, grilled Salmon and vege. Well, that would be the healthy way to start my dinner at Marche. My 1st experience with Marche was at Singapore 5 years ago. My sisters loved to go there for dinner after work. At first, it was kinda new thing for me to order a card, get it chop and pay later when you exit. Dangerous for me. Because I will keep ordering it and didn’t realize the bill gonna kill me and gave me a heart attack! Oh well, so far so good. No casualties so far.

Blame the camera! Blur vision! My guy and I do enjoying it. This is a great place for me with a relaxing gathering with friends. Less stressful and more ample spaces for me to enjoy my food.

I don’t have to worry either whether people gonna take my place while I’m off to get my food. Smart! Perhaps I should do that to few tables to illegally reserved table for my friends next time! Ha-ha!

Though it’s really away from X’mas, I still love this piece of deco item hung in here on the wall. Isn’t it lovely?

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