Bowling Bowling with City Girl

After class on Saturday, I went to the clubhouse with the boys for a bowling session. The ladies didn’t join that day. Clubhouse was great place to go out with friends as the bowling lanes are not very crowded, plus the balls are not sticky & oily! Thanked God!

Yupe! That’s my nickname for the game!

CG: City Girl!

My attire that day not really go for the real game either. Top and JEANS! Oh well, as long I could hit the pins and STRIKE! I don’t think it’s gonna be an issue either. Orange ball, that’s the choice of the day. Not really a fan for orange. But again, the other colors sucks and I don’t want those balls!

This is the longest and the biggest ROTI TISU I have ever seen. You can eat all you can with all the time you can have. Eating it slowly. I was enjoying it slowly too. The taste still good and trust me, 1 piece is enough for 1 person. Unless you share with your friends, then I guaranteed you will need to order more.

More to come! I still wanted to go to the clubhouse again and another round of LONG RT in da house!

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