Beer Spree @ The Library

Dinner and beer. These are my favorite things to do to unwind myself from hectic lifestyle in KL. I get to enjoy my short lived holidays by doing these. Couple of drinks won’t hurt, right? Again, I am taking this chance to visit the newly opened happening place, The Library. I don’t have the chance to go during the launch, but again it never too late to go and enjoy the ambiance, right?

A hearty dinner is a great way to start my beer spree. If not, I may felt very uncomfortable in the process of intoxication. Well, let’s take that as an excuse. Let’s face it. I’m a girl that love to eat. Whatever I wanted to go anything, MAKAN DULU baru start! Otherwise, I will felt something missing!

Great offer too! During happy hour, buy 1 pint free 1/2 pint. Not bad. So, let’s start ordering and waste no time to think! The place is filled with cool crowd, good live band and nerdy-look waiters. Now they are talking my language. As nerdy is the IN thing. Why can’t they accept the trend when I was in high school. Imagine all the A-List crowd in school have such fashion sense, i.e. NERDY!

The night ended with good dinner, good company and great music too!

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