New Year Celebration 2010: Simple yet Meaningful

This year celebration no more crazy countdown ended up with messy foam covered my body. Let the other fella do it then. My time is done! Sometimes I was “amazed” with the craziness among youngsters could ended up fighting during happy occasion.

This year, I celebrated with a cool guy of mine,just the 2 of us. Sounds sad? Nah.. maybe some of us think that going out crazy with clubbing is a bit too much these days. Not going to admit that I had fun time during my x’mas eve at 21, though.

This time, Modestos at Desa Sri Hartamas is the best choice. Lots of sweet memories where both us started to get close 3 years back. Lots of shisha session till Uncle Don’s pun already “chap lap”!

That’s me, with a glass of beer and pizza. Yummy! Modestos’ pizza indeed well known with their tasty pizza! There I was, with my relaxed look. Hmm..something wrong with my hair. It seems that those strands of hair just stick on my forehand. Darn! Ish! Spoiled!

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3 thoughts on “New Year Celebration 2010: Simple yet Meaningful

  1. Hello Shereen. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog again.It's not sad! I also celebrated my new year with my boyfriend. The two of us together makes my new year celebration more meaningful.You look pretty by the way!and Oh! I already grabbed your badge and added it in my blogger friends' page of badges here: also added your blog in my blogroll list as A Girl Who Misses Home (Shereen).Have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi shereen…thank you for dropping by in my blog. I really appreciate it, though I have no idea how you managed to find my blog. LOL…2 weeks late, but I wish you happy new year nevertheless. ๐Ÿ˜€

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