Run Shereen Run!!!

Romantic atmosphere that really amazed me. Don’t you think it’s a sweet thing to have in a hot timid weather like Malaysia all-year around?

I started the afternoon with shopping with LJ. The main hunting object: SHOES! Working shoes. Closed toes, black and not too high. Well, that’s not really difficult to find, I guess.

She, a beautiful harp expert caught our attention. It’s rare to see an expert in this fascinating instrument. It reminds you of angels entertain you with the a nice tune that creates a very romantic feeling.

To be compared to Chinese New Year, I still prefer Christmas. Christmas gave me the feeling of happiness, romantic, relaxing & peaceful. CNY, it’s like: DONG DONG CHIANG! PI-Lee! Pa-Laa! Noisy!

After Christmas hype, went to The Curve with sisters for a quick shopping! I ended up buying a pair of sport shoes for the gym and many more. The list is long, so don’t even bother to write it down.

We had an early dinner at BuBba Shrimp as we were planning to have our cholesterol level to a higher level. Yupe! We wanted to let ourselves go this time. Let’s start fresh after new year.

Blur blur! Yea! That’s my vision too when I am super hungry after shopping with LJ that afternoon. The signs kept asking me to run and to stop too! What’s these? I was confused.

Let’s start with a light meal. A bowl of soup and salad. My favourite, Ceaser’s Salad.

This is it! The high cholesterol food that going to make our blood pressure spiked up tonight. Well, just enjoy it anyway! Darn!

If you wanna to STOP the waitress, this is all you need to do. Flip the signboard and they will stop. Serious! No joke..
We love you too, BuBba!

Keep running,just keep running.

How I wish I could board to SanTa’s Ship!

This is located at IKANO,PJ. The decorations may not as ganas as The Curve. Yet, I still felt the feeling of Jolly Happy Mood in this place. Perhaps, in a different theme. This time, on the sea.

Maybe Santa is a Viking?

Of course, there were few interesting unrelated items I bought during X’mas festive seasons. Guess, I need to update the dramas that going on right now on Astro. Since I don’t have the time to “chase” it on Astro, might as well just buy the whole box set. It’s from my sister,yippie!

Ended the night with a drink at TGIF. This time, indulged myself with cranberry cocktail.

More to come,folks..
Thanks for reading


5 thoughts on “Run Shereen Run!!!

  1. Hello Hello! I am so happy to see my blog badge here! Wow! I did not expect for you to put it in your sidebar. I am just happy to help you and the others about badge making and HTML posting. I am so flattered… Thank you very very much! I am planning on haivng my friend's badges on my blog's sidebar. I will fix this one sometime next week after my final exams in Math and French. I have a few blogger friends from Malaysia who are just like you — very friendly and nice! Friends like you are one of the many reasons why I am so interested to visit your beautiful country. Maybe one day.Thanks for sharing all these pretty photos. Again, thanks a lot!

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