Christmas Eve @ Twenty.One plus birthday celebration

I started to sms everyone in the loop I’ve got since 2 weeks ago. Getting as much people to come over to Twenty.One for a simple celebration for X’mas. I’m happy with the attendees as I only expect 3-4 people coming that night. Initially I just wanted a small gathering and a chilled one on that night.

On top of that, I nearly can’t go to the place as the road was blocked due to the countdown going on near Sungai Wang Plaza. Eventually, I just ended up turning into a small road instead when I’m looking an alternative way to reach Twenty.One.

It seems that we fun time and everybody were in a jolly mood. Though the place was packed and quite hot inside, we still having good time with each other. So, please bear with me when most of pictures I took here,I looked sweaty as the make up obviously experiencing a rapid meltdown.

Tons of drinks we had, thanked God we still sober! Guess, our tolerance still not bad! Luckily we are not raid on that night. I heard that Rootz kena raid? I hope it’s not true. Gosh! Authorities! Leave these people alone! They just wanna have fun! You should raid at the lonely parking lots instead,DUDE! Where all the “maksiat” happening like nobody business!

This would be my working tag! It will give a “booze” on my stressful day at work! Tag is ready with a small cup where you can just have easy access with your favorite “drink” as a pick-me-up.

Chilling down here after tons of dancing going on the dance floor. Wait, I think the dance floor not just limited to the floor itself. It could…

Dance floor also includes the sofa too. Darn! These guys just being tired or they are enjoying the views? I wonder?

Anyway, We had great time and gosh I’m still sober that night. Even after tons of drinks I wallop during the night. Damn! Ended up I am the one who need to drive back home instead of my guy, coz his face was so damn red after Flamming! Yupe, before that he drank like, err.. X amount of glasses?

Ok folks, a simple gathering did gave me a great company to be with on X’mas Eve. Not to forget, we did made few new friends that night. Darn! I love clubbing as people are so friendly and open. Suprisingly, they are still sober! Hahahha! Really wish my workplace like this too. My colleagues need to learn to be chill and to be laid-back enough.

Till next time, folks..

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