Birthday Dinner,togetherness and happiness

This day is a special day for my guy, Jun Sern. It’s his big birthday. Celebrated in a simple with closee family and friends. A simple dinner that brought great meaning to him as he appreciated it with great deal.

There he is, a great smile surrounded with great companies that brought happiness to his life. The light from the candles on the cakes lighten his day as today is another special day that worth our time to celebrate with him.

As for me, I am fascinated with this small squeezy “Man-Tou” that caught my attention all night during the dinner. It’s tasty and I can’t stop eating it! One if never enough for me!

Check out the food! Damn! I always love to join in a Chinese Dinner! It’s always served with tons of food that gonna make my tummy hunger for more!

That’s us and me! He looked tired that day as he’s not in his tip-top condition of his health. Hope he would get through his days with smile and happiness.

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