Lunch Birthday Celebration @ MFM, Ampang Park

Today is his big day! Well, it’s a post-dated blog, by right this should be out on 14th Dec! Anyway, I’m out from office for his big day and meeting him up at Ampang Park to catch fishes and other seafood. We are going to the market that located at Manhattan. So, don’t be jealous ah?! You all can go there too,very near only. Take LRT can reach the place with no hassle.

Once all the seafood caught by us, we cooked it with lots of high cholesterol ingredients like butter, cheese, lots of sodium & rice too. We make sure that the rice soaked in the butter for hours before we could serve it.

Then sea platter for 2 is ready to serve. We even have Ice Lemon Tea for the day too. Tea are handily picked from Cameron Highlands while Lemon from, I don’t care where. But I still stick to my 20-year addiction,that is “COCK”! No, it’s “COKE”. Damn, what’s with my sucky English! Thanks to the bad influence from Singlish-speaking-arrogant-folks. They know the pronunciation wrong, yet say it LOUDLY. Walao,Kiasu maximum!

I’m amazed with the outcome! I love the food and I’m shocked how good is the food is!

Obviously, someone is not impressed, AT ALL!

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