Disaster Buffet at Hart’s

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We went to hunt for the buffet at Times Square. After round and round of hunting, it was closed down. I was disappointed as I will be missing the food there. I love the food, a decade ago. Then the last time I had it, was like 3 years ago.

Guess, our food hunting turned to be a disaster as the standard dropped to the level 0 in short period of time. No wonder Times Square branch closed down.

This is the reason why?

The fried chicken was so dry and over-fried! Seriously,from the picture I took by mobile phone it may looked tasty. Wait until you taste that with your tongue! Unless you are a rubbish-eater, I would say that this is not edible at all. Plus, it’s fa*rking salty too! Madness.

After the 1st bite…
After 2nd bite…



For this portion of food I took, thanked God it’s still decent to eat. Well, after this round, I could guaranteed you won’t go and refill your plate for 2nd round again. Trust! It were not prepared properly as you can still taste the detergent smell from it! OMG! Thanked God I’m still alive to write this post. Tasted weird yet I’m still alive with NO food poisoning.


This one. No comment. Still edible. But after few rounds before I took this, I’ve lost my appetite.


Soup was served cold and it tasted like plastic when I took a sip from it. I think the cook or any idiotic kitchen helper forgot that not to add TOO MUCH water into the ingredients. As you just imagine that when I scooped with my spoon, I think I am drinking the instant Campbell Soup packet instead.

For all the complains and whining from me, my guy still could wallop this portion of shi*tty food. Salute salute! Maybe he don’t want to waste $$$ that he think it’s not worth to spend on.

Yes, FINALLY! It’s dessert time. Luckily for us, the ice-cream still edible and you will feel happy eating it.

Highlight of the Night

All drinks are not available. Only Coke and nothing else! On top of that, out of 3 Coke, only 1 is working!

My advice: Don’t go!

Food: 2/5
Service: 1.5/5
Price: 2/5


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