Honeymoon period at work,NOT!

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Started a new frontier at new company now and all the new hires going through 2-month training period. It’s not ordinary training period whereas you just sit down & listen only. This training also included 10 papers examinations. If you fail one of it, you can’t be certified & you shall be down-graded! Damn! This is no joke,man!

Apparently, I’ve failed one paper,TWICE! F*rk! This shows that the paper is not easy pan cake. It required you to really KNOW the answers. Even though it’s a multi-choice questions, computerized. Stress level is much worse than back to University time because it cost your career.

This coming Friday will be the hardest papers ever with 4 papers that I need to take 4 hours STRAIGHT. No break in between. So better empty my bladder before I start that killer papers. I’m going to re-sit that f*cked-up paper that I failed before this next week. God,really need your blessing this time. I know I may be an as* when chatting with the other day. Well, blame the PMS & stress!

On and off! Stress and nervous. Gosh, I need to get through these sh*t! People SPM pun sudah mau over ler. I’m still stucked here! I need to focus and get over with this, QUICK! I realized it’s all about understand the concept & keep in your memory till on the exam day.

Arghhh! YEa! That’s my expression during this HONEYMOON period. So called a “relaxed” and “stress-free” huh? Oh well, time to get back. Perhaps a cup of coffee & a piece of biscuit to get me going through the night.

Wish me luck!


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