To my Muslim friends, sorry..This is a non-halal post

After a day at work, it’s time to unwind. Normally for me, it’s about food and beer! This time I went to The Curve for a pork knuckle and a pint of Hoogarden. On top of that, catching up with positive people end my tiring with a good vibe. Bavarian Bierhaus, the place that chosen to be the place.

Of course, the meal always started with a light appetizer. This time we chose salads with lots of cheese. Sound fatty, yet it made me calm down after hours being trapped in the jam that left me anxious and stressful.

There it is~ The main course for the night. PORK KNUCKLE! I have to say, it is quite similar to the “Siew Bak” that we have at coffee shop. But this time, it’s prepared with the Western way. Now, it explained why the Germans are big! Check out the food they love, man!

Sausages! Lots of it! You can have it in many different ways. All in many sizes. Just like man d*ck in different sizes too. For the sausages here, each in different size and with different taste. I wonder this concept could apply on men’s….oh,never mind.
Focus! Focus!

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Venue: Ambiance is very relaxing
Location: The Curve, Ground Floor
Price: Medium High
Verdict: 4/5


5 thoughts on “To my Muslim friends, sorry..This is a non-halal post

  1. I totally understand about those things that reminds you of…erm…men's wee-wee? LOL!!! I don't know if I'm considered dirty minded but there were occassions when i'm out with ppl I'm not so casual with and find situations that reminds me of obscene stuff and it takes everything of me to brush the thoughts away and act normal (when it feels awkward as hell! Cos u'd wonder if the other person is thinking of the same thing or not?). Anyways, food looks awfully delicious. Beer looks awfully tasty. And I need to learn a new adverb.

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