Customer Service,make it better? Be a better customer

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Been talking with my guy about the service industry in Malaysia, I felt that we still have room for improvement.
After read his Post in his blog, I think I should say something from my point of view.

I’ve been in the servicing line for almost 3 years now. From day 1 of work, we are always been reminded that customer always right. After numerous shitty experiences with bastards customers, let me rephrase that: CUSTOMER ALWAYS RIGHT,BUT CUSTOMER IS NOT THE KING! So, forgive me if I screw your f*rking ass when you-the customer are in the wrong and still act like a bastard/bit*ch!

Unless the salesperson being a nut head or a donkey who turns deaf when you voice out your complaints, by all means, do feel free to vent out anger to that idiot. But please, if the salesperson being courteous or even give a s*it to ask : “How can I help you?!”, don’t la show your “Shrek” face!

Sometimes I don’t understand, because of someone else’s sh*t, the other kena! It’s sad the fact is, working in an organization is like working in a life chain. For instance, it’s like being a parent, you will get the blame when your kid screwed. Same in a company, other idiot screwed, you got the heat. The beauty to work with all in a SAME company?

To those “classy” customers, don’t la treat us like worms! If you are dissatisfied with the service, when you wanna complaint, please FOCUS on the problem. Not the person! Don’t be a RACIST! I have to say, foreigners memang ganas la! Not all Malaysian smells or being STUPID! Goodness sake!

Again, if you have complaints to lodge, may I suggest you be a civilized person in a civilized city doing it in a civilized way? Fair enough if you wanted to vent your anger. Do it the smart way dude! Write an official letter to the right person. Not saying sarcastic to the innocent who happened to be there to see your f*ck Face!

Complements? I wonder if this word ever exist in the as*hole customers’ pea size brain? We,as salespeople work for a living. Aim: To serve you better. A pat at the back won’t hurt,right? It works like a chain as well.

Customer compliment salesperson
salesperson happy
sales manager acknowledge salesperson
salesperson happy
sales team member envy
they also wanted to be acknowledged
all strive to be a better salesperson
better customer service
Instead of throw the fire, why don’t show the light?


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