Back To School Again!

Yupe! After many years I left uni and ventured into the real world in working life, I decided to go back to school again,during weekends. It’s a Professional Diploma course from University Malaya,PJ campus.

It will be a short course that will boost my resume,especially in Sales & Marketing. Once I know my shi* with a certified qualification, who dare to screw me?! It’s good to sharpen my thinking skills once again as I am feeling my brain started to rust over time. Thanks to the ruthless target and boring daily working routine.

This is the lecture hall where all of us will be spending 6 hours of class. Yes@! That will be lots of information overloading into our aging brain. Weekly assignments are the usual thing for us now and every month end will be our term exam. Better don’t screw this up coz tuition fee is not cheap either.

What is do different compared to my previous uni life back then is that, My Guy joining me! Yippie! Spending quality time and study at the same time! Not bad huh?!

After class, I went to do my long gone abandoned feet for a nice pedicure to celebrate my 1st week of class. Well, there will be hell long way to go, though it’s only a 1 year short course. So, better bulk up my time management skills as time running very fast, CHOP! CHOP! CHOP!

Took a snap shot to show how tired I am after 6-hour of class. More to come! More to Come!

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