My X’Mas Wishlist

I guess I can’t ask for this anymore. If not my current Viva Darling will be mad with me! Nevertheless, this still gonna be in wish list. It’s so small and the layout is cool. This will replace my ultimate Dream Car-GTI, which is mad expensive!

And of course, I wanna to have a great time during holidays. Talk about the amount of liquors that I’m wanting to collect!

This is one stuff that I’m yearning for years. Damn! When I took this snap shot, I was so envy that the owner of the bottle could have this piece of good shit! Not to mention, she got tons of other good shit in her kitchen cabinets. It’s arranged like you arrange glasses and mugs in my house. Can you imagine the amount of bottles, eh?

There are more to come! Wtf?!

As a Man-U fan, I really love this too! I could wear it during my gym sessions. Just hope that no Man-U haters (Liverpool-fan,Chelsea-fan,whatever-not-mentioned-team-fan) out there come and attacked me!

What else?
More $$$?

I wonder Santa Claus give $$$? Or I need to wait till CNY?


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