One Piece of Me! One Piece Mania

Anime Craze filling up my head right now! I’ve spent weekends and even alternate weekdays nights to watch this piece of art. It all started with a CD that I got and watch one of the episode. I found that this anime is not as draggy as Naruto & Bleach. It is funnier than any anime I’ve been watching for all my life!

Chopa is my No. 1 favorite! He’s a 15 years old doctor cum pirate with the least bounty among the crews. It’s alright. To me he’s the most adorable creature that I’ve dream to have as a pet!

I got this all the way from Hong Kong for my birthday present. It’s a surprise present from my guy. I was given before I got down from the car after a short “yum-char” session with my guy.
He scared me by saying that a weird package was sent to his place under my name. And he asked whether I ordered something and addressed it to his place.

I was like? What the Far*? huh?? Na-Neeee?

Then when I opened the package and I got this!





I was bloody happy with the present! Though it’s not big enough yet I’m complacent with the item. Once I got it, I can’t cam-whoring with Chopa, licking his favorite dessert.

May I present you the whole crew from the Straw Hat ~Crews~

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He is the main man in the crew. His specialty will be his “GomoGomo Noo” elastic punch that could fly you to the unlimited frontier. Meat is his main food and nothing else. Ok,maybe all other food. Selamba & cheerful captain with no sense of direction. Everything is done impromptu, which including choosing his own crew member.

His ultimate dream:-

To be the next Pirate King

p/s: his father is the WORLD MOST WANTED MAN & his grandpa is a prominent famous Navy!
Wow, what a brutal family,eh?!



Zoro is the 2nd member recruited by Luffy. A powerful ruthless in strength swordsman who is looking for a man with eagle’s eyes for a deadly duel. Love to sleep and he’s a good drinker too. He practically can cut anything with his swords. 3-blade swordsmanship is his ultimate skills that no one can ever master.

p/s: he scared of one particular girl. Damn! Even the strongest man has his weakest spot, eh?

Ultimate Dream:-

To be the WORLD’S Best Swordsman & Beat the man with eagle’s eyes



Nami is a great navigator ever lived. A hot cat burglar who is also smart and with full of wits. Whacking naughty crews on board is her strength too. Even Zoro & Luffy scared of her if she ever started to show her monstrous look.

Her Ultimate Dream:-

To draw her own Complete World Map

p/s: She is one “mataduitan” bi*ch! She’s also the Finance Minister of the ship.


His skills are telling lies and telling more lies. A person who is living in delusions with no conscience at all.

His Ultimate Dream:-




A Kurt-Cobain look alike ladies man also a fantastic chef is the famous Red Foot’s protege. His kicking skill has no match so far. He will never fight with his bare hands because hands are sacred for a chef. A chef’s bare hands only used in the kitchen and not at a fight. Regardless how macho he is, women are his biggest weakness~ Damn.. That’s his soft spot.

His Ultimate Dream:-

To discover ALL BLUE

p/s: His favourite women at the moment is Nami-San & Robin-Chuannn..God knows what that supposed to mean!



This magnificent little cute creature is my favourite character. A doctor from Winter Island does has a sad story behind it. Nevertheless do not being fooled by his cute little furry look. He ate the Human Demon Fruit and could transformed into 7 different forms with his self-invented army pills. However, the effect only last for 3 minutes. Wait and see once he swallowed the 3rd pills in one go! You will be expecting a monster,man!

His Ultimate Dream:-

To be the best doctor and uncover the mystery in medicines

Nico Robin

A dangerous woman with a power that could create dreadful outcome without moving a hand at all! She don’t even need to get near you to crush you into half. That’s what I called Woman-Power! An archaeologist who has been in the chase by the authority for 2 decades surprises you with her wits. Cowboy outfit is one of her favorite way to dress up. She is famous with her white cowboy hat and furry trench coat with a combination of knee length boots. Kinky…

Her Ultimate Dream:-

To Uncover The World History


A very talented shipwright whose master is the world best ship maker in the history, Tom. Alongside with IceSpark, sea train was created. He was involved in a freak accident when the World Government took Tom away for execution. Now he’s a cyborg that no man could ever defeat his body filled with “canggih” weapon. A coke head like myself, also a very creative weapon specialist too. I guess Tony Stark has a new competitor eh!

His Ultimate Dream:-

Built a Super Ship that could cross thousand seas! (Which he did! Thousand Sunny is the name.)


A pirate who is a very talented musician who is also a good french swordsman. This guy, is very mysterious and I think I leave it to you all to find out who he really is.


His Ultimate Dream:-

To fulfill his promise to a dear friend


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