TangLung TangLung! ~Wo Ai Ni~

4 Nov

I realized Malaysian don’t really celebrate MoonCake Festival anymore. It was obviously because during the night, there are only handful of houses lighten their house with lantern and candles. I can’t feel the hype anymore like I used. Anyway, that’s not really matters! I spent the night with my guy, at his house in Petaling Jaya. Simple yet it was a fun way to celebrate it.

After weekends class and dinner, we bought the lanterns and candles at PJ Old Town. I found one little DRAGON tanglung. We named her “Doo Doo” Most people don’t recognized it what the heck is that. Either it’s a bad workmanship or these people are simply f*rking blind.

The weather that night was warm and dry. I think it’s fine for us as wind will KILL all the candles and ended up burnt all the lanterns. If so, all efforts will go down to the drain. I knew we wasted tons of candles that night just to lighten up all the lanterns and keep it glowing in the dark.

This is the night view during the hours. Isn’t it lovely? How I wish I could hang it outside my house everyday. These are to replace fluorescent lights as it saves $$ and electricity. The cons are my house is prone to combustion that I may ended up lose the whole house. If not, firemen will be my regular guests to my house as they will often helping to put out the fire!

Doo-Doo and I were enjoying the night with the quiet atmosphere during the festival. She’s glowing and she’s lovely too!

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