Manchester United Asia Tour 2009

4 Nov
Man-U was here couple of months ago and my guy was so excited about. I’m not really a football fan but gradually I’m really into the EPL since I was with him. Bad influence eh? It’s cool for me though. As you can see here the width of his smile equivalent to his level of excitement towards the whole tour!

The weather was super-hot that is going to melt everyone in the stadium. Next time around, I’m thinking to open a drinking stalls where I could earn extra moolah! Wow! Not a bad idea,eh! The crowd was a madness. How I wish Malaysia’s Football scene would be like this too! At least we need to wait for that for a decade unless FAM changing their mindset towards bringing up the National Football Team!

I felt like I’m in a desert now! I am super-thirsty and I’m drying out even before the match starts. My guy still could maintain his wide smile alongside with the meat-packed crowd that going to crush me into pieces if we really don’t move faster towards the stadium and get out seats!

I’m flagging away with this! Woo-Hoo! Wooooooooooo! All I could see was red sea along the whole stadium. It’s so sad that I couldn’t really see the Yellow part in the stadium. There was, a small bit piece of it!

Let’s see what were the other pics I got that day. Enjoy the pictures,folks!

Excited and can’t wait for it to start!

It seems that Owen was not in the game initially as we were expected. Let’s the game begins!
I like this dude’s hat! Should have snatched it from that instant!

My favourite goal keeper!

Check out the hot boys taking their breaks!

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Babe’s serious look during the game! Most guys looked like that during that time, scary…

There it is! The golden boy debut entry,here in MALAYSIA! Wow! That’s a record?!!!

Till next time,folks…
Thank you for reading

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