Simply Fabulous Finale @ MOS

I managed to get the ticket in for the event and was very excited about it. It’s a reality show from 8TV where 10 Finalists will get the chance to go New York Fashion Week, RM10,000 moolah~ & prized up to RM50,000.

It was held at MOS, Sunway Pyramid. Well, it’s a perfect place for youngsters as MOS is a club that smoking is NOT allowed. Night of the event each person will be served soft drinks ONLY. Nevertheless, there is tons of activities going on that do made me utilized my time effectively before the show starts.

The Bartenders were so extremely nice to us. I am so glad that Jun Sern willing to come to this girly event. Well, he’s a hardcore KoRn Fan. Thank God he’s here for me! Here we are enjoying our time at the bar. Took lots of snap shots as doing tons of cam-whoring with the club songs playing before the show starts.

Isn’t she Lovely? Sazzy!!!!
She were so nice and we did chat for a while before she rushed to the judges’ chairs. She is a great person to be with and friendly too.

May I Present You, The WInner:
Nalinder Manoharan

This contest is not about beauty only. It’s also about the way you bring yourself as you are going to represent Malaysia to go to New York Fashion Show. Self-confidence is the ultimate beauty tips that going to last forever and it works for everyone.

There is another young chap that caught our attention, Shawn Lee. Very young and talented BeatBox Genius.

I’ve done browsing on the YouTube and found him. He compete at the Berlin International Beatbox competition. He didn’t win though BUT he managed to trash the Fugly Fat Russian Psycho! The sad part is that Fugly is the 1st Runner-up! What a F*rking crap!

Thank you for reading..
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