High Land Paradise ~ Genting ~

It was a sunny day and it’s time for me to move towards HighLander Paradise for a quick detox session, a detox to my lungs! Thanks to the lan-pa polluted air at the Middle-Earth while all the H1N1 f*rking germs “berleluasa” like nobody business.

This is the time where I am expressing my excitement to the maximum. I’m maximizing and cherishing each and every moment in the journey to the HighLand Paradise. Can I stop laughing during 90minutes journey in the car? I can’t! I think the driver gonna kick me out soon as I can’t stop being a lunatic-excited-dying-chick keep screaming for a fresh air. My lungs crying for a fresh air.

Just in case we got lost, we decided to trail the bus so that we won’t lost our way to the destination! Well,it’s obvious that I’m not the only one need a lung-detox! A whole Jing-Bang in the bus also escaping from the polluted Middle-Earth.

That’s me! Arrived at the Highland Paradise with the hood I got here. Brrr….Cold! COld and YEs! Finally, Fresh Air! Let’s the detox begins!

Wait! That’s FHM is not mine! Damn! It supposed to be Cleo! Damn! Oh Well, at least there’s a bottle of cocktail drink, God Know what’s that to compensate my missing Cleo! I think somebody replaced it with FHM! Damn! Hate FHM, Malaysia! The chicks are not hot at all! Tak berani to be sexy kot!

Enough said..
Let’s do not spoil the fun. There is goes! It’s time for the bed-jumping ceremony as to make sure there is no dead body under my bed!

Arghhh! My face! Flat on the bed!

Now, need to look good to pose for the camera! With the bottle and f*rking FHM mag! Well, my guy is a big fan of FHM, so just hope he don’t hate me for hating FHM!

Off we go to dinner! Here I am with my pose as to show how my tongue is desperate for good food at Highland Paradise. Lick it babe! Time to warm up for a on-going buffet.

body {background-image: url(“http://i342.photobucket.com/albums/o401/Thecutestblogontheblock/fairydustcopy.jpg”); background-position: center; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; }
This is the destination for a dinner buffet. Terrace? Weird name though! What the hell, I’m hungry anyway.

May I present you my food of the night

Japanese Cuisine

A touch from the India

Oriental Taste

Sinful Dessert

Closer view of a hungry monster ravishing the forbidden sinful dessert that will straight go to my thigh and add up another 1lbs to my a*s too! Damn!

After dinner, it’s time to go out for a fresh air.
Who’s behind me? With a weird pose?

This is fun. It’s like a secret door to jump from the Window! This is the precaution measure take by the management to prevent losers to jump and DIE! Well, they need to lock it so that nobody and get near the window.

Off to Zzzzzzz….

The Next Day…

After a quick lunch then we packed to head down to the Middle-Earth again. I felt so draggy. I don’t wanna go back.

Well, took few snapshots to cheer my lousy feeling before heading down from the Paradise.

There it is

Grab a bite for lunch. Yeah! Keep on postponing my trip for a longer one! Let’s go New Orlens for a quick lunch.

Not to forget a dessert. There is no difference to have one at the Highland as I could get tons of it at Middle Earth. Yet the feeling is so much different!

Heading down.
To the rotten-air of the Middle-Earth


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