Durian Mania with the Durian Sucker caught red-handed!

Here I present you! The King of Fruit, only recognized in Asia as ang-mo sai find it crap to eat this piece of masterpiece~

Hear Yea! Hear Yea!

Long Live King DURIAN!!

Loh-Lian, Loh-Lian, macam-macam Loh-Lian!
Big,long,fat,thin,sweet or “pahit”. You choose.
But I’m a fan of BIG! BIG is the “IN” thing! I love everything BIGGGGG!

That’s me! Caught on phone camera, which explained the blurry & f*rking bad colour tone on screen! I was caught by sucking it too hard and eating it without showing how mad-Good it’s taste! Damn it!

Luckily, I was bailed out minutes later. All you need to do is Kiss-And-Hug the one who caught me. Problem solved! That’s show how corrupted the “police” is!

Check out the oversized durian right here! When you stroke it gently, you can feel the texture. Damn! It’s very addictive and you can’t stop caressing it till you can’t take it anymore!
Well folks, it’s not a hard-to-get kind of foreplay game, just take it out and ravish it! Damn it!

The aftermath of a vigorous ravish-session! All gone and nothing is left for you to linger on anymore!

That’s me, being caught red-handed again. This time, with a pose of Durian-Addict, called “Kaki-TerKang-kang Trang Tang Tang!”. With the combination of this pose and hard-sucking motion back & forth with the Durian, I guarantee you will enjoy the sensation texture of the King & reach your climax in no-time!

body {background-image: url(“http://i342.photobucket.com/albums/o401/Thecutestblogontheblock/fairydustcopy.jpg”); background-position: center; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; }


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