Get Elevate-D @ Heritage Row

25 Sep

It’s a Polaroid pic that need to be scanned

Got the invites from B.A.T (thank you, Junsern!) to the Heritage Low. It’s for the launch, Elevate is about the new product line from Pall Mall. Excited and 10 of us will be there to rock the place up! When we got there, we took a Polaroid snapshot by friendly PRs.

After getting ready, just wanna take snap shot to test the lighting from my camera. My hair was a bit off that night as I only managed to get it trimmed weeks after the launch.

We were served with loads of beers and liquors. Thanks to Kevin Ng, we got FREE one bottle of JD for the night & loads of free cocktails too. We had fun there & happened to be our table is the most “bising”! Well, with the muhibbah mixture of people in our group, that explains! Prashant wore a suit that night.

Damn! They thought we are some V.I.Ps or some sh*t. The amount of attention and drinks kept pouring to our table. Even the MC of the night came to our table for a quick drink! Well, I just “tumpang” aje. Heheheh! Never been treated like a V.I.P before.

Here we go lads! Let’s drink like there’s no TOMORROW! YEaaa!

Winner of the night! Mr. Kevin Ng!
Yes! He is the main person of the night!

“I would like to thank my parents to teach me to be a kudi-karen (alcoholic in Indian) and damn they will be proud of me once I drink this whole bottle tonite!”

Enjoying my bottle of beer

Chill with the guys
Abundant supplies of beers, like medicine!

Ladies, Tania and I

Jun Sern and Me

Wow! This is impressive!

Pretty sure guys out there really wish their girlfriend do this at home every night for foreplay!

Isn’t she lovely?

He’s gorgeous!

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