My Letter to My Old Flames : Closure that I never Had

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Old Flames.

Guess they are called old “Flames” because they left some “hot” memories into your life when they walked out from your life. Flame that could be a form of sadness, disappointment, hatred, on-going frustration, betrayal or even ripping off your self-confidence.

Seriously I hate to let the men gave their final word. So I writing this down to put an end, which already a closed-chapter in my life ages ago in my life. But now, it’s kinda of a summary. This post will also be a reflection of what men I was ended up with and what it had made me become.

To my 1st flame:
Age then: 13 years old
Relationship Life Span: 3 years

Honestly, it was a mistake for me to be loyal to you. There are 2 guys even asking me to be their steady but I turned it down for you. I’ve known that you have 4 girlfriends at a time. Man, you are really something. But now, you are still single. Guess we know that playing around in the field without a commitment ended you up in a lonely days. Even your ex-es that I know of already happily married with kids. Poor thing.

Nevertheless, L.V.S, I am wishing you all the best and hopefully you don’t turned gay coz of the on-going loneliness you are having now. Maybe it’s much easier for you to be gay as few man usually can’t commit? Who knows,you might be ended up with one of them and have a relationship of a lifetime.

To my 2nd flame:
Age then: 15 years old
Relationship Life Span: 1 year

Strange. You are in my FaceBook. Since when I added you? Or well doesn’t matter. You are just a number to be added in my Facebook. Don’t really make any impact in my life anyway.

When you say it’s “Game Over” days before your birthday, I was stunned. Just because your mother asked you to. Damn. I hope your balls growing since then because you don’t have the balls to stand up for your loved one 13 years ago. I guess you are not strong and man enough for me anyway. I wrapped your birthday days before you said “Game Over”. Damn, it’s my favorite cassette, OASIS! Chi-Ed like you, I don’t think you know how to appreciate such a masterpiece.

“Game Over”? That’s the term you used to end it. You must be an idiot then. I can’t believe that you were even someone influential people in the Prefect Board. Guess, those who adored you also bunch of retarded dumbass whimp!

Talk about the “Game Over” part, well, I’ve “restarted” it again with new character in the game anyway. And now, you are still single too. Poor thing.

I hope women realized you indeed have balls under the pants you are wearing after many years. Good luck, my dear. V.C, I wish the next woman in your life realized that you are more than a man can be, with the miniature size balls you have over the years.

F.Y.I, the gal that you used to date, now your ex, I saw her with another man hotter than you while both of you dating. Aww..poor thing. I wish I could warn you but I think let the power of the universe leads the way. Guess both of you ended up in separate ways now. I wonder what she said to you. “Game Over” too?

To my 3rd flame:
Age then: 16 years old
Relationship Life Span: 3 years

I’m sorry to leave you because your constant mood swings & alpha-male syndrome killing me day by day. You have been a good guy for me. Comfort me & showered me with gifts whereas girls at my age then could never afford to have. Thank you for your expensive gifts whenever you came back from overseas. Thank you for brought me places with your beautiful car where girls at my age envy of. Thank you for your constant calling to check my whereabouts. You have been acting like a big brother taking care of your little sister. But this is not the kind of life I want.

But now, you are happily with her for years. I am happy for you. I guess we are not meant to be. I am woman with my own mind and speak whenever I feel like I need to. Controlling me will not only breaks the communication between us but also the relationships. Maybe you need to remember that communication goes both ways. The reason we can’t get any closure out of this break-up because of the hatred you have towards me. Hope you read this someday & you will forgive me. God Bless You, LKT.

To my 4th flame:
Age then: 19 years old
Relationship Life Span: 3 years

J.C, you are now a father of 1. God bless your wife and your child. But doesn’t mean you are off the hook for cheating on me when we are together. For every slap & hit on my face, I hope you will get it back in return. Wait, I thought you already have it when I turned you when you begged me to take you back. OH yea. I still remembered that you actually cried on the phone when you found that I’ve moved on. You can’t take it when I say “Yes” when you asked: “You have someone else,right?”.

Man, that night was the telephone conversation filled with drama. Well, I guess you felt the feeling I had when I found out you are sleeping with the slut. You even stand up for her against me. Wow! How quickly I was replaced. But when she dumped you, you crawled back to my life. But it’s too late. Wait, not so late lar… you and her only last for weeks whereas me and you already together for 2 years before that slut came into your life.

Man, what a drama. If I could find a scriptwriter and a director to produce a film out of our miserable relationship, I think can win awards!

To my 5th flame:
Age then: 23 years old
Relationship Life Span: 3 years

Y.H.H, I think I’ve talked about you in my previous blog. Not much to talk about.
All I know that, you are still single now.
The slut left you and er, if you really in a new relationship, God Bless you.
Oh yea, you still visiting my Multiply & try to check out what’s going on with my life. Poor thing, regretted that your ex-girlfriend has moved on & rocking her life up? Aww…


Well, that was the last flame I burning off just now.
I guess, it’s a liberating one.
Felt much better and hope they all living the “flame” too, from get dumped by their exes!

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2 thoughts on “My Letter to My Old Flames : Closure that I never Had

  1. Do u still keep in touch with ur TTSS friends? I dunno why…i hang out with a bunch of them a lot in Singapore…finally I couldn't take it. Frequency tak ngam at all wehhh…Took me 6 yrs to realise that..dammit.

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