Malaysia Tournament @ Sri Petaling

20 Sep

It was held months ago and I went there to give moral support to my guy for his tournament. Surprisingly, he is good at bowling though. If given time & proper training, I’m pretty sure he will be doing well in that.

Before the tournament, my guy and I went for dinner. Food sucks & service, well you will feel that you are paid to be unattended. Advise: Don’t eat at the restaurants in the Sri Petaling Mall.

Most of the contestants are in a family. If those who are professionals, they brought their own balls. OMG! It’s shiny & looked expensive too. As for amateurs like us, we’ll be fine with the balls available at the counters.

As usual, the tournament started with a meaningless speech from a unknown politicians who gave an “inspiring” speech & applause given by people with God knows for what purpose. These “shoe-shiners” applauded with no apparent reason! Enough said about the irritating people.

At the initial stage, most contestants so “semangat”!! I was amazed with their enthusiasm to aim for a strike to win points. But towards the middle of the time, I realized most of them “pancit” too. Except for the professionals, they go all the way till the end. Amazing. Few of them came after from another tournament which was held in the morning! Wow! Full with stamina!

Bowling is not a bad idea for me as for leisure. It’s just that the balls at the counters were so oily & if I have extra money, I will buy my own balls, I mean Bowling balls. Nevertheless, it’s a great experience to watch people play bowling during tournament. Maybe one day, I should join one too.

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