High Cholesterol Meal @ Bubba Shrimp, The Curve

People with high blood pressure, don’t try this at all!

My sis won a meal voucher worth RM100 at Bubba Shrimp. Thanks to the generosity from Red.FM!

We ordered cajun mixed garlic shrimp. It was served in a mini-bucket & a paper on a plate. So that you could see the amount oil that absorbed by the shrimp itself.

This is how you supposed to do when you want to order your food. Instead of raising your hand to get the waiter’s attention, all you need to do is to flip the red-plate at your table.

The hand gesture is an extra body signal. It’s adding the impact on how urgently you need to order the food, especially if you are super hungry. So the waiters will attend to you IMMEDIATELY.

It seems that all the waiters are running around and you need to stop them, like this to place your order.

Flip this again when you don’t need any assistance. Yeah. The blue-plate.

About the food, it’s good and the menu list is simple to read. So don’t worry if you ended up worrying what food you are going to order. Don’t worry, there will be no snails & worm swimming gravy waiting to be served. All food are strictly edible.

Price wise, not bad. Affordable. Guess the next round I’m gonna list down detailed information on the menu & the price list, I guess. At least you will have a better picture about the restaurant.

There is a place for you to take picture and get the feel for being “Forrest Gump” at this seat. It’s similar with the MacDonald one, which normally located in front of the outlet, with Ronald MacD with his relaxed pose, waiting for you all to sit together with him.

The dinner was a last-minute one. So didn’t really have the camera with me. These were taken with my handphone. Luckily it’s quite clear.

Overall, I would say it’s a good experience to have dinner at this place. It’s just that the waiters should stop running once in a while. It seems that they can’t notice when the plate was flipped to get their attention. They need to stop and take the orders from customers or customers gonna snap!


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