3-D Movies Experience with Up @ Cinema

I was kinda excited to watch Up the other day at the cinema. Heard that the movies was a good one as it was reviewed as one of the best one during the Summer movie season at States. It has become a trend to watch animation with the 3-D effect. It actually attracted viewers to experience the great 3-D effect that actually complements the whole animation movies production.

Next time, I think I should wear contact lenses whenever I wanna watch a 3-D movies. It’s kinda troublesome for a girl like who wears spectacles at most time. I need to get used to wear 2 specs for the next 2 hours during the show. I felt bulky as the 3-D specs keep slipping down from my face!

One thing good wearing a 3-D specs is that people won’t notice when you teared during the show. When I watched UP, the storyline is very touching. I teared & my guy don’t even know it, then. Well, if he reads this blog, he’ll know. There goes my image as a tough woman who don’t cry between movies. I have a tough tear duct, until that day when I watched UP. Damn! Must be the bulky double layer specs, there were the main culprit that made my eyes teared!!!!

Nevertheless 3-D movie experience was a good for me during the 1st time when I tried it. Looking forward for another one & many more to come! But too bad, in Malaysia we need to return in after use. In States, you actually can bring it home after a movie. Damn! Maybe next time before I wanna use, better disinfected it! You’ll never know whose tears or “sh*t-eye” (tahi mata) stucked at the 3-D specs. Well, Malaysian cinema being a cheapskate. We paid to watch a 3-D movies with “recycled” 3-D specs!


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