Bank Versus Loan Sharks

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Bank is legal
L.S is illegal.

Bank is offering interest rate with BLACK & WHITE. So that client can sue the bank in the future if they wanted to.

L.S is also offering rate with BLACK & WHITE. If client wanna sue, they most probably ended up in RED.

Bank looking & hunting for clients to give loans.
Clients walk-in to L.S, voluntarily.

Bank is courteous to clients. With proper sales ethic & proper greetings.
L.S is SUPER NICE to clients too. Wait until you didn’t pay up. They will be “extremely” nice to you too. Even better this time.

Customers shout & scold bankers when they can’t get the loan/interest rate they want/higher margin of finance. Leaving the bank officers with tremendous unnecessary stress & crappy feeling.
To all idiotic customers out there, be nice to these people. They are working hard for your impossible requests only God knows what, okay! Bunch of bastards & bitches!

L.S will give whatever you want & you are happy with their service. Wait until you can’t pay. I think they probably chop you dick off!

Bank issue letter of reminder to give gentle reminder to pay up the installment.
1st reminder: Normal Letter
2nd reminder: Normal Letter
3rd to subsequent reminder: RED LETTER WORD on the letter, even bold with OVERSIZED font.

L.S issue letter of reminder to give gentle reminder to pay up the installment too.
1st reminder: Warning, a gentle one. No human is harm.
2nd reminder: Probably, your car smashed/your wife missing mysteriously/your house lock changed/your kids missing too.
3rd to subsequent reminder: RED Paint on your House wall? Wow! That’s classic, Man!

Bank is charging interest.
L.S is charging the same too.
But why people still can’t pay the L.S? I wonder?
Why even bother to loan when you know you can’t pay?

Somebody, perhaps a L.S out there? Could you tell me, why people prefer to get loan from you?
Bank being the bitch here? Too many restrictions?

Maybe people go to you when banks rejected them.
Because they have bad credit score in their financial records.
But, since you know these people can’t pay, why lend them the money & make their life so miserable when they pisses you off for not paying the debt they owed you?

You tell me!
I really wanted to know.

Hopefully, my house wall won’t ended up in RED after this blog.
To L.S out there, I bring you NO HARM.


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