The Day I Realized I’m Wasting My Time

17 Aug

Woke up in the morning.
Brush my teeth.
Take a quick shower & getting ready to work.
Drive my car to work.
Stuck in a jam for about 15-20 minutes.
Hunting for parking & run to my office before 8.45am.
I skipped breakfast most of the days.
Switch on my PC & keyed in my password, username.
Logged into the system and open up my email inbox.
Go to the toilet then re-fill my water bottle.
Attend Daily Morning Briefing & looking at everyone’s Zombies look-a-like facial expression.
Say hi to my colleagues and check my daily organizer.
Sigh loudly as I looking at my pending paperwork. That’s how my day begins.
Make calls & sending emails for follow up matters.
Attending customers that walked into the branch.
Meet up deadlines & show up for appointments.
Crisis damage control & solving other people’s crappy mess.


Back from Lunch.
Continue with the outstanding matter.
Go out for my daily marketing routine. Source for business.
Come Back to office.
Sending emails and continue with the paperwork.
Making phone calls.

Time To Go Home.
At 7-ish or 8-ish.
Hit the Gym. Sometimes skip it because too tired.
Drive home.
Stucked in the jam for 15-20 minutes again.
Meet up with my guy for dinner or a drink.
Went home.
Driving home around 10-ish.
Encountered mad drivers tailing my car, who are rushing to get home, to “shit”, I guess!
Arrived home.
Check my personal emails, FACEBOOK-ing.
Sometimes if my mind still intact, I will blog.
OR if I’m in a mad OR in a crazy mood, I will blog too.
Read magazine.
Call my guy to say good night.
And Zzzzzzzzzzz…….

And the next day, the routine being repeated again.

Friday ended.
Weekends came.
Went out with my guy and spent most of my time with him.
Then Sunday comes.
Sunday ended.
I feel crappy.
Because tomorrow is Monday!
Damn it! I need to work.

On ONE fine Day,
I read a book.
People called it crappy but I called it Fabulous!
I realized I have been wasting 3 FUCKING years doing thing I DON’T like AT ALL!
Damn! I don’t wanna die without achieving my ultimate dream.
You know what?! I even forgot the dream that I used to have.
Thanks to the urge to get a degree then a job.
Thanks to be pressured to be someone like someone else.
Wow! People tend to forget their dreams anymore because they don’t even work their way to achieve their dreams!
I’m one of them!
This is not happening!
Yupe, It’s happening since 1999? Since you left school?! Duh!

Time to be back on track.
Soul searching is started.
Start looking for a new life for goodness sake!

I’m starting to get my life BACK!!!!!!!!!

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