30 Things I want to do by 30

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I came across with lots of articles about “how-to” or 10 things you must do before you die; or 100 top things that we must learn by 50 years old, name it! It’s a long list and it’s a quite informative for me. It’s fun too!

I am 28 years old this year and I am not ashamed to tell the whole world about my age. Who cares anyway?! What I am concerned to have my life a fruitful and live to the fullest. Another 2 years then I am officially 30!!!

Let’s do the countdown: 922 as at today!
Wow! Looks like my time is ticking.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I am so particular with my age as I always believe age is just a number.

To age GRACEFULLY is my main motto. I am sure there are many women out there looked drop-dead gorgeous and do not looked like their age too!

After I gave it a thought on what the 30 things that I must do before I turn 30, here it is:-
My own version:

  1. Joined a singing class and performed on stage in front of a crowd.
  2. Continue my Piano Lesson & complete Grade 5,at least.
  3. Take a tennis class.
  4. A trip to New York City because I love the place since college.
  5. Continue my passion in music instruments, such as clarinet, flute, trombone & percussion.
  6. Be a SPCA Volunteer!
  7. A freelance Makeup Artist because make people beautiful is my great pleasure & passion.
  8. Own a house.
  9. Learn Sign Language.
  10. Speak & Write French & Spanish fluently, at least Beginner Level.
  11. Show up in T.V Show. 30 Seconds will do!
  12. Take up Capoiera.
  13. Learn to be a tap dancer.
  14. Design my own T-Shirt.
  15. Paint my room – Violet Pinkish White (mix my own color)
  16. Reach my Ideal Weight: 55 KG
  17. To drive a GO-Cart. (Weeeeee!)
  18. Improve relationship with my mother.
  19. Couple trip to Bali with My Guy.
  20. Be a certified Yoga Instructor
  21. Drive a big lorry.
  22. Do a Bungee Jump.
  23. Create my own cocktail that is edible for everyone.
  24. Go for Tiesto concert.
  25. Take up Hip-Hop Dance Lesson.
  26. Learn how to Line-Dancing.
  27. Learn to Groom a Dog.
  28. Master Nail Art and create my own design.
  29. Shake hand with my country’s Prime Minister.
  30. Laugh 30 seconds non-stop in front of a crowd.

After wrote this list, I took a glance of it again.

Sounds mad and Impossible. Especially for a uptight woman like me which I do not want to continue to be one anymore.

That’s the reason I came up with this list and I wanted to live my life to fullest.

So, do you have a list of things to do before turn 30?

Feel free to share with me because it might give me a great ideas too.


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