Lunch & Dinner ~ Pre B’day Celebration with Family & Loved One

It was my pre-birthday celebration for my 28th birthday. It was solely with my family and of course, Jun Sern. He joined later in the evening for a Korean BBQ Dinner. Woke up that day and getting ready for a quick brunch, a heavy one at Klang.

This time, I choose to wear my pinkish flowery top with a simple pink eyeshadow for the day.
While waiting for my sisters to get ready, I did few snapshot with my late grandmother’s old cupboard. It’s obvious as the mirror’s surface was blurred and with lots of dots!

After everyone is ready, it’s time to go. We took the Kesas Highway to reach there for a Bak Kut Teh! Wow! It’s my all time favorite food. The journey took at least 30-40 minutes with slow & steady drive. The traffic that day wasn’t bad. We could have reached there earlier because my sister took a wrong turn.

Nevertheless, we got lucky & managed to take the right turn! Or else, all of us will caught in a endless road searching for the whole day. I did tell my friend from Klang about it & he laughed at me. I was told that Klang road is not that complicated.

Here I am! Here in the car! So happy and can’t wait to eat! My all time favourite and guilty food. That is Bak Kut Teh.

Can’t Wait…

And there it is!!
The place is called “Pottery”. It’s clean and with a great deco in the restaurant. Quite warm in there and lots of pots were boiling. And lots of people too! But I am still looking for a better BKT(Bak Kut Teh).

Do let me know the other locations as I am willing to try other new places that serve BKT.

After a full lunch, we went for a budget karaoke at Cheras. It’s called I-Box. It’s very cheap and the charge is based on room rate instead of per head count. The funny part is that the song selections is done by touch-screen device that most of us quite familiar with. I was like, what’s with the touch screen thingy. IPhone craze is the main culprit, I would say!

The reception looked quite impressive with the white lightings & a simple deco at the back. Surprisingly, the quality of the service is still as good as Neways & better that RedBox. FYI: I banned RedBox ages ago! Their service sucks!

The night is here!We went to SS2 for a Koran BBQ. It’s the same place I went last year. It’s located next to Bread Story, SS2. It serves BBQ Korean food and you don’t have to worry about BBQ-ing the food. The friendly & skillful waiters will do it for you. All you need to do is sit back and relax.

Do feel free to check it out at my previous blog here.

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The night ended with a simple cutting cake session and went to sleep with loads of masks on my face.


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